CINEMATARIUM is a VR Virtual reality App/game for The Oculus Rift CV1 and DK2

that takes you inside your own Planetarium, 3D-Cinema, and music-visualizer





(Everything in the game controls just one right-click away)




* Plays 2D, 3D, (SIDE BY SIDE L-R and R-L) (TOP BUTTON T-B and B-T)

* Plays all 2D & 3D video file formats smoothly (AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV,)

* Browse to any movie directly from the menu

* Reads SRT (subtitles) files automatically if placed and named the same as the movie in folder

* Switch between flat or bent screen instantly while running the movie

* Rotate/scale/move the cinema screen

* Rotate screen 90 degrees to watch you favorite movie lying down

* You can have you favorite movies always loaded from the given folder

* Automatically reads aspect ratio when loading a movie, but can also be adjusted manually horizontal and vertical on flat screen, and vertical on the bent screen

* The game remembers you last screen position and Scale




* Plays 2D, 3D (SIDE BY SIDE L-R and R-L)

* Plays 180 full-dome-movies ( you can also load/browse/play any movie on the dome if you want )

* Plays all 2D & 3D video file formats smoothly (AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV,)

* load fisheye pictures on the dome while watching movies on the cinema screen (Star night maybe) use button 1,2,3




* Browse the www web directly

* Rotate/scale/move the www screen

* Rotate screen 90 degrees to watch your favorite YouTube’s lying down

* You can have two browser’s open at the same time with two different websites loaded, one on the flats-creen and one on the bent-screen, and switch between them

* Add and load your favorite’s links directly in the screen (or edit your favorites in a notepad in the given folder

* Use physical keyboard or use the onscreen keyboard to search Google or write a Url address

* You can use theatre mode in YouTube (Almost full screen)

* The game remembers you last screen position and Scale




* Plays Vob files directly from you DVD drive

* Plays unencrypted DVD, like music/concert DVDs and backups etc.

* Skip Vob files forward and back

* Scrub through the individual Vob files playing

(- You cannot use DVD menu or select language or subtitles yet)




* Plays any music (MP3, WAV) from hard drive.

* Browse to your favorite music folder directly from the menu

* Visualize you music real-time with a Total of nine Visualizer’s 7 different themes and 2 variations (different colors and look)

* You can have you favorite music always loaded from the given folder




* There are 2 places to sit in the planetarium/Cinema, one Sofa and one Sofa-chair (the best seats) you can access seats anytime with the menu.




* Press the Void Button to sit in complete darkness, (All features is still available in this mode)

(Press it again to exit Void)




* Webcam

* Real-time clock

* Change glow-color in the Cinema screen and www-screen




* Turn off the lights, (there is real-time shadows in the theatre when the lights is on)

* Turn off glow on the Cinema screen

* Use the Void

* We recommend that you install LAVFilters, for the best video/audio performance


* If you have no sound on DVD playback, try Unchecking this In the LAVFilter installer

* If you want to read more about what video Cinematarium supports,

you can check out the Unity video filter we are using here: http://renderheads.com/product/av-pro-windows-media/




* Reset Dome to default transparent view by pressing ( PLAY/RESET DOME MOVIES)

* Visualizer’s responds to the Music-player, not the Cinema, Dome, and www-screen

* Right-click anywhere to Enter/Exit Menu

* To browse the web

Click on the WWW screen in the menu, and pull the screen towards you until you see a Popup text that says (BROWSE), click that and you are ready.

To exit browsing again, just right click the mouse button and click the www button again in the menu


*There are 3 ways to access movies.


1) Drag you favorite movies in the folder called 2D-3D-MOVIES that comes with the software , movies wil now show up in the Right Hexagon,

you can now Scroll and start the movies directly from the game.


2) use the browse button in the Right Hexagon and simply browse to the destination of the movie, first click the drive your file is on, and

then browse to the file, there is also a button that goes directly to desktop, and you can browse from there.


Same system goes for music in the music player section, and dome-movies in the left Hexagon.


3) You can also access a DVD directly from you drive, simply by clicking on the DVD button in the small Hexagon but with some limitations,

that can be read about here in the feature-list.




* Windows 7 / 8 /10

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